Who is the lady in pink? (Botanic Facial Serum)

Posted by Kellie Collis on

Our Botanic Facial Serum is the lady who has it all. Not only is she good-looking in her elegant, sleek pink glass bottle that would look amazing in any Instagram #shelfie (skincare shelf) she will also work absolute wonders on your skin.

Now, looks aren’t everything - this gal truly has it all! Firstly, she’s a water based serum which means she is extremely light weight and will absorb instantly into the skin (no waiting time!). Plus she is suitable for any skin type as she contains only the purest plant based ingredients, that means, she isn’t harsh or aggressive.

What is inside Botanic Facial Serum? Well she is a born and bred Aussie gal, who’s been formulated with Australian Native Botanical Ingredients. This is why she has such an alluring yet subtle aroma. Plus she’s a natural anti-ageing serum with no hidden nasties!

One of the key ingredients she contains is Kakadu Plum which has been identified as one of the world’s most powerful sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is used to prevent oxidation - which causes damage and ageing to your skin.

The antioxidant properties in Kakadu Plum will help your skin in the regeneration process and will help repair and rebuild damaged skin cells. It will target any signs of ageing from fine lines to age spots and she will also help brighten and smooth the texture of your skin.

You will want to apply Botanic Facial Serum after cleansing (AM or PM but why not both?!). As she is super lightweight, she will be your numero uno in your skincare regime. Using the dropper applicator you will just need 1-3 drops onto your fingertips then carefully pat her all over your face and take any excess to your neck. Even though she may be sheer, it is super important that you are careful not to use too much, a little goes a loooong way!

For best results we’d suggest following with Stardust Tonic, Mermaid Oil and finishing with a Facial Tool (even 10 seconds is better than no time at all!).

Go Botanic Serum, Go!

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