Skincare Magic with Organic Coconut Milk

Posted by Kellie Collis on

Have you experienced the skincare magic of Organic Coconut Milk? It’s enchantingly scented, delightfully soft, and full of benefits that your skin will love! This superstar ingredient is high in vitamin C and rich in amino acids. Even better, it’s known to promote skin elasticity and soothe irritation, whilst its anti-microbial properties aid in cleansing and boosting the protective barrier of your skin.

If this sounds like the right type of thing for your skin, get ready to meet our COCO-SOAK range! Three botanic bathtime babes crafted with Coconut Milk and other plant-based extracts, each designed to provide an unforgettable self care experience.

Our newest addition to the collection is our COCO-SOAK - DREAM BUTTERFLY. A magical blend of Coconut Milk, Dead Sea Salt, and Blue Butterfly Pea Powder, this beautiful blue soak will make your skin dance with happiness. Blue Butterfly Powder has all the benefits of being antioxidant rich and includes a high concentration of polyphenols and proanthocyanidin, which are also known to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Next in our lineup is COCO-SOAK - POMEGRANATE. She’s pretty in pink with all the skincare benefits of Pomegranate - which can help to even out the texture of your skin by boosting the production of collagen and elastin. Pomegranates are antioxidant rich and packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, which can assist with anti-aging. Your skin will be feeling the love!

Finally, meet COCO-SOAK - ROSE. This beauty contains real rose petals to make your self-care extra special, alongside Aloe Vera extract which assists in moisturising and soothing your skin. Roses contain natural oils which assist the skin in retaining moisture. They’re also a source of Vitamin C, which will help you achieve glowing skin. The lovely soft scent of this soak will delight your senses and provide an incredibly relaxing experience.

Better yet, all of our COCO-SOAKS can also be used as a body scrub! These babes are as versatile as they are invigorating - mix in your hands with a couple of drops of water to form a creamy paste and gently buff over your skin to polish away dead skin cells and reveal that glow of yours.

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